Special Edition 2020 - Dance and Audience

The theme of the third Special Edition is "Dance and Audience". The issue is bilingual (Czech and English), as its aim is also to speak to the international dance community at home and abroad and to connect the Czech dance community with the European context.

The coordinator of the project, Petra Dotlačilová, explains the motivation for the theme: "The audience is one of the integral parts of theatre and this art form simply cannot exist without it. We may have become even more aware of this during the coronavirus pandemic, when the physical contact between the viewer and the artist was broken. On the other hand, the audience is often taken as such an automatic part of the theatre that their experience or role is still relatively little reflected. That's why in this year's Special Edition we decided to explore the relationship between dance and its audience from different perspectives."

Special Edition contents:

The ballet half-season relied on straighforward humour (Roman Vašek)
Revealed trends in contemporary dance: Ideas versus reality (Zuzana Šmugalová)
Good news from the world of mime and non-verbal theatre (Roam Horák)
A season of unforeseen possibilities and solidarity in new circus (Hana Strejčková)

Audience development by Czech Dance Festivals (Lucie Hayashi)
How theatre take care of their audiences (Monika Štúrová)
Contemporary dance for young audiences (Lucie Štádlerová)
Socially engaged practice in Czech contemporary dance (Daniela Machová)
What do we experience when we watch dance? (Josef Bartoš)
Dancers: Watching and being watched (Petra Dotlačilová)
Networked performance as a new situation for working with the audience (Jana Bitterová)

The pricelist:

Printed issue: 129,- Kč  /€ 6 ,  post and packaging : 69 ,- Kč / € 3 (in Czech Republic), 169,- Kč / € 6 (abroad) 

Pdf issue: 129,- Kč /€ 6

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