Rania Broud

Rania Broud
Rania Broud is a trained musical artist from Bårdar Academy, and she has a bachelor's degree in theater studies and a master's degree in media studies from the University of Bergen (UiB).
She completed her interdisciplinary master's thesis in June 2017 with the title «Projection theatre. Use of film and video in the theatre». In 2018, she worked as a university lecturer at the University of Bergen and led seminars for first-time students in theater studies. She has also worked as a dramaturg in the National Theatre in Oslo.
Rania works as a freelance critic, dramaturg and director within the performing arts in Norway. In addition, Rania is a writer and in the past two years she has published various texts and poems about Norwegian racism. She is also a member of the Hedda jury and dance committee as well as member of the theatre committee in the Arts Council Norway.

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