A new choregraphic work Transforma, by Israeli choreographer Maya Lipsker in collaboration with VerTeDance, premiered in Ponec theatre on 27th April 2010. It was a surprising evening. Veronika Kotlíková and Tereza Ondrová (VerTeDance) invited the Israeli choregrapher whose work attracted them at the festival TanzZeit in Germany.
Transforma releases strong emotions that hide beneath the skin of every existence. Women transform into wild cats, wild cats into beasts, beasts into…the circle goes on before it reaches woman again, this time as a mother who is forced by the society to suppress her nature. Not in Transforma though. Transforma gives her space to release and overcome deep-rooted prejudice. Everything that takes place on stage in between Tereza Ondrová, Lenka Bartůňková, Věra Ondrašíková, Martina Lacová a Stanislava Vlčeková comes from an ordinary civil behaviour and gradually transforms into extremes, often lead by intuition to a point which endows the performers with satisfaction. From the darkness, new and new individuality is born, that in a single moment surpasses itself and amazes the others. Transforma puts the audience into a state in which they only stare with their mouths wide open and sometimes they realise that their thoughts are submerging deep into the dancers´ minds, kept away by their motivation. Dancers change according to certain principles, sound is pouring from one to another, each can unfold her imaginary self or would it be the real one? Performers enter their battle with a nature of eager hunter. Choreography is characterised by well-considered work with accuracy, motivation and linking of individual parts of the performance. The statement is enforced by strong message, poignancy and audible beating of the heart that wants to jump out of the current form of an animal and wander on. Although some images are only based on long inner visions of the dancers and it may seem they are a bit too long and not worth otherwise well-balanced performance, but that is not the case here. Professionality of performers is highlighted, because they show themselves in a different light (a bit of acting, a bit of singing) and there is nothing to reproach. These moments bring the audience into a state of thrill and anticipation, thoughts are provoked and only then liberated by acceleration of tempo and release. Music is well fitting and sometimes it seemes as if was not audible from the loudspeakers, but from deep inside of all five ladies. Maya Lipsker ranked herself with Transforma into Czech dance scene almost as a superwoman and set the rank very high. All participating dancers can be only congratulated on becoming the main supports of such a strong and energic performance. Transforma itself is in Czech context very rare. It unveiled endless capabilities of these five dancers and placed them among the best of today´s performers. It is a piece full of perfect expression, statement and movement. It´s not really possible to describe in words what the Izraeli choreographer uncovered thanks to great interpretation of Czech dancers. This VerTeDance production really is a must see. Translation: Kristina Durczaková 

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