Mini Interview with Ambra Senatore

(chor. Passo – Duo, Europe Dance Laboratory 1)

What was the first impulse for you to create the choreography Passo - Duo?
My first impulse was to direct a group for the first time and to dance more then I do in my solos (which are very theatrical). Passo-duo is actually the first part of a one-hour Quintet show. From a creative point of view my impulse was to work on the replica and on the interchange between reality and fiction and on the continuous variation of sense.

Do you think often about the borders between fiction and reality in your everyday life? How does it influence you?
I often think of the borders between fiction and reality in theatre and performance field: to be strong on stage a performer has to be very real, very present, but at the same time he is repeating things that were decided beforehand. On the other hand repetition of gestures is void without concrete real presence.
Unfortunately, in everyday life I see, at least in my country, that we tend to take real life as a show: we react to general (and stupid or dangerous) models to follow, everything has to be very strong, very special, and simple human relation is getting less present. In everyday life we often live fiction, frequently not knowing it is fiction.
But to me the interest, and the basis for work on Passo-duo is that things in everyday life and in theatre can be different from what they initially seemed to be.

What is your way of creation? Are you that kind of author who prepares exact concepts in mind in advance or the one who searches for them in the process of creation - in motion, at a studio, with other collaborators?
My process of creation is very open. I never start with an exact concept or having a clear idea what the show is going to be like. I work together with my collaborators starting from something that draws my attention (an image, an idea, a desire...) and discover with them a totally unknown path.

Do you have any experience with Czech audience?

Do you have any experience with the Czech contemporary dance?
I have seen just a few Czech performances in France, but quite some time ago.

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