Orbis Pictus – the World Animated by the Image of the Soul

Orbis Pictus – the World Animated by the Image of the Soul

Orbis Pictus – the World Animated by the Image of the Soul

Michal Záhora and Lenka Bartůňková, these are the two names associated with Orbis pictus, the latest production of the Nanohach company that will surely become another piece in their commercially successful, critically acclaimed repertoire, spanning over seven years. The premiere performance was shown at the Ponec theatre on November 27th, 2012.

We perceive life in its context while confronting a causal relationship with the concept of chance. We restrain ourselves from a rational acceptance of the magic of functional work with energy, yet we are fascinated by the linkage of mutually independent accumulated phenomena. In the same breath we would deny inexplicable inspiration and still be searching for it in order to find an answer to the question how the world works.
Influenced by Carl Gustav Jung, Michal Záhora has been striving all his choreographic career to find his answers to existential questions through their visualization (Synchronicity, Resonance etc.). Project Orbis pictushas brought him to a collaboration with Lenka Bartůňková, who possesses a unique choreographic gift of developing an inspiration of her own individuality and operates on the same wavelength of perception of the nature of existence as Michal Záhora. Remarkable charisma and distinctiveness of both dancers as mature artists then added to this piece an essence of the atmosphere of their previous individual work, whether it was in terms of dance, structure or intellect.

We do not see any story that is told to us, but rather images hidden in the depths of our souls, animated by movement, light and space that materialize in front of the audience. Lenka Bartůňkovás words- "almost surreal thing" - clearly define the nature of the work, it is apparently unnecessary to look for another equally apt description.
The man and woman in the images are neither the protagonists of their own relationship,nor the focus of its story, they rather act as performers– mediators referring to the binary code of the context of understanding the world according to Carl Gustav Jung. His Red Book was the initial inspiration for the authors, images of eternally exceptional stories of the mankind have become the motivation for movement. The space in the choreography evokes infinity that we always fail to imagine, yet unmistakably feel its presence. The image of the landscape of the subconscious is nurtured by the spiritualism of the original music by Carlo Natoli (It.). Lighting design by Jan Komárek sensitively frames individual images, keeps watchfulness and is more than determinative to the whole production. There are no words anywhere, we perceive only the dance.

Opening night of any production is always a big stress and the first crossing of the Rubicon. Reprises will definitely offer the audiences a moredetached view and bring more harmony to the teamwork of both dancers. For Michal Záhora Orbis Pictusmarks an end to his dance-creativity hiatus and his collaboration with Lenka Bartůňková has brought him back to the world of dance performance, which she has not left yet. They were thus somewhat limited in their collaboration, anyway, the future is due to the unquestionable potential of the production a challenge to both of them. Its fulfilment then could be beneficial not only to all involved, but most of all to the audiences. Especially for those looking for a more demanding genre of theatrical production.

Concept and choreography: NANOHACH & Lenka Bartůňková / Michal Záhora
Music: Carlo Natoli
Costumes: Mariana Novotná
Lighting design: Jan Komárek
Premiere on November 27th, 2012 at the Ponec theatre, Prague

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