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Taneční aktuality / Czech Dance News is changing to Dance Context

The non-profit organization Taneční aktuality (Czech Dance News) is transforming into the production platform Dance Context, a forum for dance reflection and development, from January 2024. The name change is accompanied by stabilising the portfolio and a new visual identity for the entire brand. 

Artists & Critics aiming for the same North Star?

In October 2023, Taneční Aktuality / Czech Dance News, organized a gathering at which it invited dance writers to examine to what extent dance review can be sustained as a media practice in today’s information landscape.

An Artwork About the Artwork?

The dance world is traditionally accustomed to seeing the figure of the critic standing there, slightly above the artists, judging or attempting to provide a solid, grounded, and unbiased opinion about an artwork.

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Chybí v našem Diáři nějaká premiéra nebo repríza, o které by ostatní měli vědět? Napište nám o tom a pomozte nám tak zaplnit taneční diář.