Taneční aktuality's Special Edition 2020: Dance and Audience is out now!

After a year, the specialist online magazine Taneční aktuality is coming with another print issue – Special Edition, this time focusing on Dance and Audience. Due to the government safety measures, the release party had to be postponed to upcoming months. The godfather of the issue will be Václav Kuneš.

Special Edition 2020.

Special Edition 2020.

This year’s Special Edition is again bilingual and contains original texts presenting the given topic within the broader context of the current Czech dance scene. The third edition views Dance and Audience from various angles. The introductory texts overviewing the past season approach the role of audience (in the current situation) from the perspective of four genres – ballet, contemporary dance, non-verbal theatre, and contemporary circus. Furthermore, the authors present diverse forms of audience development by Czech dance festivals and multi-company theatres, they deal with social engagement of both audiences and artists, as well as with spectators’ experience from watching dance. The Special Edition also offers an insight into digital transmission of dance performances and interaction between the viewers and performers.

“When we were putting together this year’s Special Edition, there was no sign of corona. But the pandemic and closure of theatres have made us all think about what it means to be an audience member watching a live performance in a theatre, and what can and cannot be communicated through the screen. In a sense, the theme has become much more relevant,” admits the Special Edition coordinator Petra Dotlačilová.


Special Edition contents:


The ballet half-season relied on straighforward humour (Roman Vašek)

Revealed trends in contemporary dance: Ideas versus reality (Zuzana Šmugalová)

Good news from the world of mime and non-verbal theatre (Roam Horák)

A season of unforeseen possibilities and solidarity in new circus (Hana Strejčková)



Audience development by Czech Dance Festivals (Lucie Hayashi)

How theatre take care of their audiences (Monika Štúrová)

Contemporary dance for young audiences (Lucie Štádlerová)

Socially engaged practice in Czech contemporary dance (Daniela Machová)

What do we experience when we watch dance? (Josef Bartoš)

Dancers: Watching and being watched (Petra Dotlačilová)

Networked performance as a new situation for working with the audience (Jana Bitterová)


The Special Edition is for all who are interested in dance and theatre and want to read more than “just” reviews and interviews, and for all who are interested in broader contexts of individual productions, personalities and organisations, and maybe in a certain theoretical framework.

The 129-page publication will be on sale for 129CZK thanks to the support on the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the State Fund for Culture, and it will be available in selected theatres, libraries and bookstores, or can be ordered on www.tanecniaktuality.cz.


Source: Press release


Translated by Tereza Cigánková.

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