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Ensaio para uma cartografia - Is this Feminism?

The anecdote unfolds something like this: At the premiere of his Bolero, Ravel was surprised and somewhat annoyed by the enthusiastic acclamations his piece had received, crediting its success to the obsessive quality and sexual undertones of the work.

Can the critics afford to slow down?

Time is a scarce commodity, a rarity, a luxury... Tragic as the advent of covid undoubtedly was, it cannot be denied that it allowed us, albeit involuntarily for many, to stop and slow down.

The nation unto itself in the digital era

The current digital era has brought with it a new conception of art, and thus requires novel approaches to its presentation. While honouring the national heritage, the National Theatre, a true gem of the Czech arts scene, has often also been a trailblazer of new trends.