red against blue and

                                soft against rough   clashing views

                          of tin and greenery  

                hideous tubes and sumptuous plants

        arranged in a bizarre scenery

Cirk La Putyka won Best Theatre 2020 Award

2020 Theatre Critics’ Awards (previously called Alfréd Radok Awards), based on a survey conducted by the Svět a divadlo magazine, were announced on 3 February 2020.

Vrány: Holektiv’s poetic dance film

The human world and the world of birds are closely linked. Though we are politically free, looking at birds makes us hungry for freedom.

Na krev: You can‘t uproot yourself but you can still grow

Shortly before the near end of the emergency state, but still in a time highly affected by the global pandemic, the empty Lucerna cinema (and the virtual world) hosted, I dare say, a unique event – the premiere of Erik Knopp’s documentary Na krev...